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Living Happy Workshops


This Workshop explores and develops life-skills and experiences that contributes to reducing stress; experience more confidence; improve interpersonal skills leading to greater sense of joy, happiness and enthusiasm in Life.



Some of the topics covered in the Living Happy Workshops:

  • My Decisions and Risks
    It is through my perception of the world, people and situations that I experience my world which affects my thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
    This can affect the choices I make and influence the outcomes.
  • My Beliefs and Attitudes
    My life can be a reflection of what I believe and may not necessarily be influenced by ‘Facts and Evidence’ to the contrary of that belief.
    My Attitudes, Beliefs and Condition (ABC) is set early in life and as we age our ABC’s become challenging to change because of my Comfort Zones.
  • My Emotional high-roller
    All living creatures exist between very strong forces – Happiness and Suffering AND Pleasure and Pain.
    In the Workshop we discuss how our emotional cycle is be impacted by our needs, wants and desires.
  • Managing My Anger
    Anger is one of our stronger emotions and the one which can produce outcomes and consequences we did not expect nor wish for.
    We look into the role of guilt, remorse and forgiveness in dealing with this powerful and passionate feeling.
  • My Mind and the Inner chatter
    The sum of who I am is directed by my sub-conscious mind, however; who put all that stuff into my mind?
    We discover how we are the result of dominant thoughts that flow into our everyday living.
  • Change and Me changing
    Change is constant and yet we can end up in ‘comfort zones’- tied into places and situations from which we may be reluctant to transform.
    We explore why change is important for growth.

AHA Counselling and Training

My Whole of Life Balance
The Main areas of our lives are the result choices and consequences we make every day.  Sometimes we may feel spread out too thin with not enough time to get everything accomplished.  Alternatively we get so busy in one area of our lives, that other important areas can be neglected; such as relationships, health, and family. A reality check is just what we need at those times when we are feeling a little overwhelmed

Mindfulness - Self Observation - Awareness
We are all experts in the many ways and things we need to do in our everyday living.  Do we really drive the car or is our mind elsewhere and 'wakes up' when we arrive at our destination.  We spend a lot of our day on 'Auto!  Learn how you can break away and live a more 'Present' life in more moments of your day.

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